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Helen Sutcliffe

Helen is a qualified teacher who has taught in
both secondary and adult education for more than 30 years.
She is a well respected tutor who delivers targeted courses across
all ages and abilities. Helen is also a FRYOG (Friends of Yoga)
Tutor Trainer.

Qualifications include:
Degree in Combined Studies (English, History, Drama)


Hatha Yoga qualified via FRYOG

Member of the British School of Yoga who trained her in:
Indian Head massage
Regression and Hypnoanalysis and Tantra

Member of the Association of Stress Consultants and qualified in:
Basic Counselling
Stress Counselling
Stress Counselling in the Workplace

Here is Helen’s
background and philosophy from an interview
for a recent
FRYOG magazine

How long have you been
practising yoga?

I enjoy practising Yoga as often as I can during each and every day. I have been involved with Yoga for over 39 years.

What or whom influenced you to start practising yoga?
I am lucky enough to come from a family with a yoga background. My father influenced me the most as he was so enthusiastic about the benefits. I quickly joined him and was hooked from the start.

What made you decide to start teaching yoga?
I have been teaching Yoga most of my adult life. For me it was a natural progression to make, enabling me to share my love of and enthusiasm for Yoga.

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the full article

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