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What should I wear? Loose clothing that will not restrict your movement or breathing eg: T-shirt and leggings. You will also need an extra top and a pair of socks for relaxation. We practice Yoga barefoot.
What do I need to bring? Your own Yoga mat, blanket and any other Yoga equipment you need such as cushion, block or strap.
What happens in a typical lesson? We begin with a brief period of relaxation to allow us to focus, followed by a warming up session before beginning the physical postures or asanas. Towards the end of the class we have pranayama (breathing techniques) followed by a meditation and or final relaxation.
I’m not very fit, will this be a problem? Yoga is infinitely adaptable and every asana and practice can be performed at a level to suit you. Your fitness and flexibility will improve with practice and time.
How will I know if I’m in the right class? Every class is mixed ability although each does have its own unique ethos. Only you can answer this question based on your own experience. If you are open minded and willing to try something new you should find yourself experiencing some benefits from the beginning. For example a sounder nights sleep after classes. Give yourself time to make up your mind, 4 or 5 lessons.
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Reflexology and Vibrational Reflexology
How does it work? Reflexologists believe that granular deposits accumulate around reflex points blocking energy flow, the aim is to break down the deposits and improve the blood supply to flush away toxins encouraging the bodys own healing process. Potential problems are treated by massage of the feet or sometimes the hands.
Does it hurt? Although it doesn’t hurt you may feel a certain tenderness to pressure on certain points. It also has a soothing relaxing effect on the whole body.
Is it safe? Yes for people of all ages and doesn’t require any ongoing medical treatment to be stopped. If you are unsure you should consult your doctor.
How many treatments would you recommend? This will depend upon your needs and how well you respond to treatment.
How different is Vibrational Reflexology? Vibrational Reflexology works in essentially the same way as conventional Reflexology except crystals are also used to enhance the benefits. These are either used to perform the actual massage or are placed on various points on the participant.
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Indian Head Massage
Is it only the head that is massaged? Indian Head Massage covers the back, shoulders, neck, scalp and face.
Can it be done without oils? This is purely down to personal choice, although the use of oils will enhance the effects.
How long does it take? Depending on personal requirements it can take between 30 minutes to 1 hour.
Do you remain clothed? It is usually performed through clothes, although if required, for a deeper back and shoulder massage it can be directly on to the skin.
Can it be combined with other treatments? Yes if this will benefit the participant. Please discuss this when booking a treatment.
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The Goan Relaxation Treatment
What is it? This is a treatment exclusive to Serenity Matlock, based upon the spa treatments of Southern India. It has three parts.
Firstly the feet are given a reflexology session in warm water, sea salt and oils. The oils will be blended to your specific needs. Secondly the hands are treated with the same oils and finally it concludes with an Indian Head Massage.
What are the advantages of this treatment? The main advantage is that it combines the benefits of both Reflexology and Indian Head Massage. This provides the maximum release of tension, resulting in not only a relaxing treatment but one that has a very soothing effect on both mind and body.
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Stress Counselling and Management
Will this get rid of my stress? The aim of this type of stress management is to help you identify and effectively manage the negative effects of stress. This is achieved through a combination of relaxation and breathing techniques, exercise and positive thinking.
How long will it take? Depending on an individuals’ needs a course of 7 to 10 sessions.
How long are sessions? The first one is usually 1hr 45mins and then 1 hour for subsequent sessions.
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Lifestyle Solutions
How does this work? These are individually tailored packages of therapies to suit your own personal life and needs, delivered on a one to one basis.
What therapies might this involve? A typical example could be:
• 2 Stress Management sessions or 2 Yoga sessions.
• 2 Relaxation sessions
• 1 Reflexology or Goan Relaxation Treatment.
• 1 Indian Head Massage
The package being spread over 5 weeks.
What does this cost? The 5 week package costs less than the sum of the individual treatments making it very cost effective. Contact Helen for details.
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