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Stress Counselling

Stress Counselling
& Management

Levels of stress are on the increase in our society
and we recognise that the effects of chronic stress have
far reaching consequences for an individuals mental
and physical wellbeing.

One person in every five responds to stress
in a destructive way and more than 51% of people
aged between 35 and 54 report having a stressful job
or feeling stressed on a regular basis.

However, a world without any stress at all
would be a dull place. The goal of
Stress Counselling & Management is to learn
how to identify and then effectively manage your
stress using a combination of relaxation,
breathing techniques, exercise and positive thinking
driving towards the elimination of the
negative effects of stress.

It is recommended that a course of 7 to 10 sessions
is adopted depending on the individuals needs.
The first session is usually 1 hour and then 45 minutes
for subsequent ones.


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