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I have experienced several different styles and teachers during my many years of practising yoga but I particularly enjoy the mixture of postures, breathing and meditation which Helen weaves together in her Hatha yoga. The sessions are always varied, well-planned, very relaxing and great fun!  Helen has a welcoming and straight forward approach to yoga - she is always happy to explain or expand on the benefits of any posture or technique and to encourage any student, whether a beginner or long term addict(!), to think about their yoga and explore the ideas involved. I have to agree with one of Helen's thought-provoking sayings; "Yoga is too important to be taken seriously!"
Philippa Thursday Evening Class
Having a one to one makes all the difference, you get the opportunity to say "But my body won’t do that position!" Then you discover it is really about what you are trying to achieve that matters and slowly taking it through stage by stage works, and yes you can be a plank!
Fiona One to One Sessions and Thursday Evening Class
I find the yoga class benefits me mentally and physically and improves my overall health.
Pat Thursday Evening Class

It enables me to age gracefully and flexibly.
Chris Thursday Evening Class

I just enjoy the class and all its benefits.
Lindsey Friday Morning Class
I enjoy Yoga and it helps me improve my balance. -
Pam Friday Morning Class
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I can completely recommend a "treatment" - my favourite is Helen's Goan Relaxation Treatment which actually begins with your feet and finishes with your head - this is relaxation at its best!
Philippa Grant
I tried the Indian Head Massage and enjoyed it, but the Goan Relaxation Treatment suits me better. I feel relaxed and I look forward to every one.
I was surprised how the Indian Head Massage is both soothing and invigorating, it is to be recommended.
I feel better in myself after a Reflexology Treatment my energy levels always increase.
I feel that using the crystals in the Vibrational Reflexology Treatment deepens the effect of the reflexology. I feel more connected and balanced after a treatment.
How can one Goan Relaxation Treatment make one feel so uplifted? It is more than pampering - it is essential.
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